The Principle You Must Know to Grow

Among the best ways to build muscle and strength is a principle I like to call “The Dawn of Fitness.” Progressive Overload Training dates back a millennium, where Milo of Croton became famous for developing a concept we known today as Milo’s Progressive Overload Training Principle.

You need to push your body and it’s muscles as far and as often as possible. – D’Vaughn Bell

What is Progressive Overload Training?

Basically, in order for you to become stronger and for your muscles to grow you must apply more “pressure”. Pressure can be the amount of weight, number of sets, reps, how long you hold each rep, how long of a break you take between reps, sets or even workouts.

Progressive overload training is similar to over-training but without the side-effects of injuries.


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3 Golden Rules of Health & Fitness

Follow these three golden rules for health and fitness on your way to becoming a successful, highly motivated and healthy individual.

1. Mental Focus & Awareness

Here’s one of the most critical rules of health and fitness because it would be extremely stressful without having the ability to focus. Working out can bring on many challenges as well as successes. The success part can be gratifying but the journey toward success can have many wrong turns, dead ends or bumps (plans that don’t work out.) The development of mental focus and mental awareness will help you manage stress and avoid common distractions.

2. Importance of Nutrition

The older you get the more important nutrition is to your health and result, don’t take it lightly.

“To misunderstand the importance of nutrition is like misunderstanding that a new born baby needs to be fed “healthy” formula or breast milk versus a can of diet soda. Think about that one for a second. In life we sometimes lose or let go of the delicacy we are brought up with as an infant to self-sabotaging ourselves in adulthood. Nutrition is 70-80 percent of your results… Not taking away anything from weight training but the real work starts once you step outside the gym doors.” – Mick Madden

3. Proper Preparation

It’s important to plan ahead. Give yourself time to be more productive and you increase the efficiency of your daily routines. What would it be like if a doctor had to perform surgery without instruments? Or, Can you imagine going to school without your professor being prepared to teach class? In the world of health and fitness, preparation can mean envisioning the intensity of a workout and/or meal prepping for the weak ahead.

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