The Principle You Must Know to Grow

Among the best ways to build muscle and strength is a principle I like to call “The Dawn of Fitness.” Progressive Overload Training dates back a millennium, where Milo of Croton became famous for developing a concept we known today as Milo’s Progressive Overload Training Principle.

You need to push your body and it’s muscles as far and as often as possible. – D’Vaughn Bell

What is Progressive Overload Training?

Basically, in order for you to become stronger and for your muscles to grow you must apply more “pressure”. Pressure can be the amount of weight, number of sets, reps, how long you hold each rep, how long of a break you take between reps, sets or even workouts.

Progressive overload training is similar to over-training but without the side-effects of injuries.


D'Vaughn Bell

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  1. I read and really liked the article you wrote about how Milo founded the overload principle. It was a good read, especially, for you to share two forms of history and have them flow together so seamlessly.. I see that you really promote this workout concept and will definitely give your tips a try because they have been working thus far!


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