Progressive Overload Training Secret #1

Avoid reaching your plateau at all possible cost! Once you tread this territory it’s tough to beat. These workout secrets will help you prevent and bust through your plateaus by utilizing a basic progressive overload training technique.

Rewire Your Training

The downfall of over-training is losing energy, strength, muscle size, injury and a lack of interest in training. If you want to continue making gains the best tip you can implement today is to avoid over-training. Generally, bodybuilders and power-lifters over-train at least twice a week. I use them as examples because they have built incredible bodies but what many people don’t realize is that when a bodybuilder or power lifter over-trains they then proceed to take 5 days to a week off from training, allowing their muscles to fully recover.

The results?.. Stronger, leaner bodies are reached.. When you train your body past it’s limits it will adapt, so long as you give it enough time to.

What’s the first tip I should apply for Progressive Overload Training?

If you apply any progressive overloading tips, make sure you practice adequate post workout and recovery methods and give your muscle enough time to recover… It’s like the old myth that states “when you break a bone it grows back stronger.” Skeletal muscle is somewhat the same, only it responds to micro-tears that happen when you exercise.

D'Vaughn Bell

Personal trainer, fitness & nutritional expert, health enthusiast, author, humanitarian, former actor & model, CEO & Founder of Body By Bell.